Adult Bible Study

The Fire of Your Faith

St. Rita Catholic Church has various opportunities for Adult Faith Formation, ranging from Adult Bible Study, periodic special seminars and workshops and access to many online resources.

Adult Bible Study

Why Should Catholics Participate in a Bible Study?

The Bible is God’s living word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by human authors, relevant to all people of all cultures at all times.

But if we are to be enabled to hear what God is saying to us through the words of Sacred Scripture, we need to combine biblical prayer with authentically Catholic bible study. The Catholic Church, contrary to widely held opinion, has never opposed the reading and study of the Bible. In fact, the Catholic Church has been a patron of bible studies from the day it was born on the feast of Pentecost. It has funded schools of biblical studies and archeological work, such as the deciphering of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and issued documents providing guidance as we undertake the work of understanding, interpreting and applying Scripture.

Admittedly, few of us can take the time to get an academic degree in biblical studies. But we can read and study scripture daily, a little bit at a time, and vastly improve our ability to hear the voice of God in the words of the Bible.

Our Tuesday morning Adult Bible Study presents a wonderful opportunity to read, study, and discuss sacred scripture with members of our parish family – from beginners to those further along in their scripture studies.  So, come and join us, uncover the mysteries, as we read and reflect on God’s holy Word.