Giving Options

We’ve been offering online giving options for quite some time, but have found that the system we were using was not user friendly. However, we found an awesome new alternative to which we are transitioning! We are hopeful this new system will be much more user friendly and help you keep better track of your donations to St Rita.

Giving by ChurchCenter

The new system is named Giving by ChurchCenter! To get started, you can click the [Give Online] button on this page or use one of the mobile apps on either Google Android or Apple iPhone devices. The Give Online Button will also be accessible via our homepage.

Mobile Apps

The mobile app links are accessible on this page or you can search for the “ChurchCenter” app on your phone’s App Store. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, please follow the instructions to search for Saint Rita Catholic Church and then to set up your account. Make sure the Saint Rita Catholic Church you choose has our logo. Once your account is all set, you can see our parish information, give and see future events.

When giving online or via the mobile app, you can submit your giving amount as a one time donation or recurring donation which will automatically debit your credit card or bank account.


Transition from the Old System

We will be going through a transition period to allow you to change your current recurring donations to the new system, but we will be turning off the old system on October 12, 2020.

To access the old system, click here.