Faith Formation

We at St. Rita’s Parish take very serious the formation of your children in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christian Catholics, the essence of our faith, or the “source and the summit” (Lumen Gentium) is found in the celebrating of the Holy Eucharist. Therefore, participating at Mass on a regular (weekly) basis is the major part of our Faith Formation (formerly known as Religious Education or “CCD”).

As part of this philosophy and Catholic theology, we will be asking each parent/guardian to sign the above “Covenant Committment Form”​ in order to have their child/ren participate in the Faith Formmation Program here at St. Rita’s Catholic Church.

The terms “CCD” and “Religious Education” have been specifically and concientiously changed to “Faith Formation” to reflect the truth that our faith is a continuous, ongoing journey and that the formation of our faith is not just reserved to a few classes when we are young; it is a lifetime of growing into wholeness and holiness in our faith.

Therefore, participating in the tri-fold Covenant Commitment is essential to having your child/ren participate in our Faith Formation Program.


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