St Rita Preschool

License #- C01WA0010

Our Mission

The mission of Saint Rita Preschool is to educate and form our children to be disciples of the Lord. Saint Rita Preschool is committed to the teaching of Catholic Christian values and quality education in the early childhood developmental theories of growth.


Our Philosophy

To stimulate each child to reach their full potential and to approach developmental milestones with enthusiasm, persistence and joy.

Our job is to make sure each child has successful experiences every day to give them a positive self- concept and to ensure a lifelong love of learning.

Young children learn through play and direct involvement. Our program is designed to meet the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs of each child.

Infant Class

In addition to holding and cuddling the infants, our teachers are always interacting with them to encourage their mental and physical development.

1 Year Old Class

The One Year Old Class focuses on helping children learn to socialize and interact with each other. Toddlers enjoy hands-on learning through a variety of sensory activities.

2 Year Old Class

The Two Year Old Class introduces students to letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Lesson plans include language development, learning the alphabet, recognizing numbers and learning to count.

3 Year Old Class

In our Three Year Old Class children are introduced to cognitive skills and practice making decisions. Science and discovery activities stimulate curiosity as the children learn valuable lessons about themselves and the world around them.  Art and music activities encourage individual expression.

4 Year Old VPK Class

In the Four Year Old VPK Class the focus is placed on language arts and math fundamentals to promote excitement about learning new concepts. For these active learners our lesson plans are filled with activities to help each child grow socially, intellectually and physically.

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