4 Year Old VPK Class

This group is exposed to a variety of experiences and an increased opportunity for fine motor skills. Scissors, manipulatives and cooking are greatly enjoyed by the four year old. Attention span and memory skills begin to mature (through games of color recognition, object size and shape), as does the development of basic math concepts and problem solving skills. Four year olds learn through active participation with adults, other children and materials, while enjoying indoor and outdoor play.

Four year olds are learning to make choices through planned activities. Teacher prepared learning centers will include housekeeping, blocks, science, math, manipulatives, music and art. Through weekly activities, the four year olds are introduced to the alphabet. Math concepts include patterning, sequencing, opposites, shapes, likes and differences, and counting. Other media, such as social studies, art, cooking, and computers, reflect the letter theme of the week.

The Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds create a common framework and language for providers of school readiness and VPK programs.

Based on collaboration with a state panel of experts, public input from citizens across Florida, and national and state expert reviewers, Standards for Four-Year-Olds reflect the latest research on child development and developmentally appropriate practices for 4-year-old children. Standards and benchmarks are organized into five domains.
–  Physical development
–  Approaches to learning
–  Social and emotional development
–  Language, communication and emergent literacy
–  Cognitive development and general knowledge
Benchmarks are available for two domains – Language, Communication and Emergent Literacy and the Mathematical Thinking section in Cognitive Development and General Knowledge – to help explain what Florida’s children should know and be able to do by the end of prekindergarten.