3 Year Old Class

Three year olds are no longer toddlers but, at times, they will behave like toddlers and at other times, their language and motor skills will deceptively mimic the four year old. This is a distinct period of development with its own unique challenges and accomplishments. Three year olds are usually more cooperative than toddlers, but can easily revert back to toddler behavior when feeling tired or upset.

The Preschool Program and afternoon play periods are designed to encourage the development and practice of self-help skills (dressing, feeding, toileting and washing themselves, as well as picking up toys), fine motor skills (puzzles, pegboards, etc.) and language skills (through poems, rhymes, finger plays and musical activities). As they begin to form relationships with peers, they are given plenty of time to practice their socialization skills through indoor and outdoor play. They learn to respect, work and play with others in a positive environment. Age appropriate activities will be presented to children individually, in small groups and large groups. Creative art is another avenue provided where self-expression and initiative are explored through various materials.