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The entrance procession begins this rite and usually consists of ministers with lighted candles, a cross, a reader who may carry the gospel book, and the celebrant.  As we welcome this procession, we stand and sing an entrance song to show our oneness as the gathered worshipping community.  After the entrance song we make the sign of the cross.  Signing with the cross was an established gesture among Christians as early as the second century.  As a form of self-blessing, it reminds us that we have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

The presiding minister then offers a greeting – one of the most ancient elements of the Introductory Rite.  He welcomes us in the mane of the Lord with a simple statement that God is present with us.  As a faith community we give a united response, “And also with you.”  Through this greeting and response we show the mystery of the church that is gathered together.



Religious Education

We are here to help parents raise their children to be responsible citizens of this world and be happy members of God’s kingdom forever.  We complement the work that parents do in the religious formation of their children.  Our hope is that the family is reading and discussion Scriptures together, and talking about how the Word of God is related to their lives.  Our hope is that families are praying together, both at home and at Mass on Sundays.  We are here to help facilitate this process.

Father Kevin


Our diocese requires that we have a annual medical information form on file for each child in our educational classes.

              Religious Education

 Goal: To help our parish children realize that true happiness only comes from living their faith.  In order to accomplish this we will assist the parents in the teaching of our faith and by being living examples of that happiness, through service and participation in Parish Life.

Requirements:  The families must be registered St. Rita parishioners who regularly attend Mass.  Children will also be required to regularly attend Mass. 

 Our Religious Education Program encompasses grades K-5 through 12 Grades.   A separate program for pre-school children will be offered on Thursday mornings beginning in September.


Goals:  To instruct our children in the many blessings that come from participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  To help them to learn to recognize for themselves what is  sin,  the sorrow that comes with sin and to anticipate the healing redemption that accompanies repentance and absolution.

First Holy Communion

Goals: To instill in our children the truth of faith: the “Real Presence” of our Lord in the Eucharist.  To have the communicant realize a more complete unity with the membership of the parish

Requirements:  The family must be a registered with the Parish and be attending Mass regularly.  The child must be baptized.  Mass attendance is also an important aspect of this program.

 This is a Family Participation Program. At least one of the Parents will need to participate (both are encouraged regardless of Religious background)

Confirmation        Confirmation Schedule 
  To prayerfully guide and assist our candidates as they prepare to assume the apostolic responsibilities of Christian Life.  Through prayer and the study of God’s word each candidate will equipped to make the decision to be confirmed.

 Requirements:  The candidate must be baptized  and the family registered member of the Parish with regular Mass attendance. 

 Sponsor:  The candidate will choose a sponsor to help him/her realize what it means to be a Catholic and someone who is able to participate in the Confirmation program with them.

 Community Service:   The candidate will also participate in 30 hours of community service, with at least 20 of these being parish hours.

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        First Holy Communion


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