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Aug. 2017 Ministry Schedule

Altar Server

Service at the altar by young men and women is open to all who have received their First Communion. Altar servers are assigned to assist the clergy at Sunday, Holy Day, wedding and funeral Masses. Responsibilities include:

Participating in the Mass with a reverent, mature attitude
Lighting & extinguishing the altar candles ; Bearing the cross and/or candles in processions
Assisting at the altar and with offertory gifts
Carrying incense
Holding the books from which the clergy read

Altar Servers must first obtain parental permission to serve.. They will need active support from parents in monitoring the schedule, arriving early & following the dress code. Additionally, all Altar Servers must be practicing Catholics with good moral character and an age appropriate faith.
           Gina Jaminson 428-0035    


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  New Altar Servers at St Rita

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