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2nd Assemble Day

The day began with Father Tom leading us in prayer put to music.   Deacon Tim Warner took over and reviewed the first assembly day and laid out the guidelines for the second day.

 From the parishioners consolidation vote on Sunday the 9th of July, number one on the list was “ Build a new parish facility to meet planned growth”  This has been at the very top of the list of “things to do” for Father Tom since the Bishop approved the plan in 2002.  Father Tom spent 55 minutes  reviewing in depth everything that has taken place and where we are at present.  Working with Walton County requires patience. 

When Father Tom finished we broke into small groups to work on each of the 6 remaining goals to set up an action plan, with a time line to mark achievement. The morning group was allowed to work at the goal table of their choice. Therefore if your interest is in youth ministry you joined with others with the same interests. This idea was well accepted by all the attendees. After Lunch we again broke into small groups and worked to develop action steps to be taken to accomplish our parish’s goals. There will be more to come once the action plans are defined and tabulated. All in all at the end of the day the feeling was one of accomplishment.


Tom O'Hare  Reviewing results form his discussion group.

Pam Flow explaining ideas for 
retreats and missions.

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