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Results Vote Taken July 9th

RANK           QUESTION % of VoteVOTES
1 Build new parish facilities to meet planned growth (e.g. education, book store, gym) 6174
2 Develop programs to teach all parishioners to have a loving, working knowledge of the Bible 4859
3 Increase ministry and participation of teens 4858
4 Create and implement a comprehensive plan to welcome and integrate new members 3845
5 Increase volunteerism in Christian outreach programs (e.g. Caring & Sharing, Habitat for Humanity) 3238
6 Develop spiritual growth and on-going conversion through retreats and missions 3239
7 Enhance and increase effective communication (e.g. web site, parish newspaper, etc) 2935
8 Create means for parishioners to purchase religious articles 2632
9 Publish a new parish pictorial directory 2430
9 Increase membership in all parish organizations 2430
11 Provide training and mentoring programs to develop and empower lay leadership in our parish 2328
12 Increase collaboration and sharing of resources with neighboring parishes 2227
12 Reach out in new ways to parishioners with special needs 2227
14 Increase multi-cultural and multi-generational participation in all components of parish life 2125
15 Establish a Pro-Life committee 1923
16 Better integrate Anglo and Hispanic communities 1721
17 Expand awareness and participation in international outreach programs (e.g. Bosnia goats 810



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