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First Assembly day  Posted July 06

Over 80 Parishioners gathered  Saturday to hear & evaluate the results of our recent Parish Life Survey.  Richard Page, Deacon Tim Warner and Father Tom Collins facilitated the morning’s events.

Hospitality, liturgy and leadership garnered the highest ratings from  parishioners together with the quality of pastoral leadership, weekend masses, homilies, the weekly bulletin and a sense of community.

Ninety percent of parish education programs received ratings of  good to excellent with “nurturing a
relationship with Christ” as number one. Seven small groups identified and discussed the Seven Essential Elements of Parish Life at St. Rita: (1) Worship, (2) Word, (3) Community, (4) Service, (5) Evangelization, (6)Leadership,(7).

Next, groups developed Stewardship 3-5 year goals for each element and shared them with the larger group. Finally, each participant voted for  four goals they believed should be part of our five year plan.  Results were as follows:






Presenting results of discussion Chris Flow

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Irene  Haliday

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