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September 2017 Ministries Schedule 

     On Line Registration
Welcome to St. Rita Catholic Church. Please click on the Click Here below to be forwarded to our online registration database provided by the Diocese of Pensacola Tallahassee.

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      Fall Bible Study
begins Tuesday, September 19 th at 9:30am in the MSSR. This 8 week program is called “Follow Me”. It invites you to
experience the joy of a renewed friendship with Christ. The cost of materialsis $15. Please sign up as soon as possible. There is more information is in the

Monthly Eucharistic Adorationn will be held every first Friday of each month for 12 hours in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  Remember the Lord’s words to Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane “Could you not keep watch for one hour”

We need "Guardians of the Hour" to help at Adoration on the 1st Friday of each month. A Guardian is one who commits to being in the Lord’s presence for 1 assigned hour on each 1st Friday. We need help with: 2 people from 4 to 5 pm 1 person from 5 to 6 pm

Contact Sheila Herbermann:


Bulletin 9-17-2017

Tracy Tesdall &
Jean Nixon

Tracy talked about the clinic's work in our area.  Worth the 3 and 1/2 minutes to learn how they minister to womans needs
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Dignity & Decorum
             At St.Rita

 Please,before setting out to church this Summer, ask yourself: Does what I am wearing show respect for where I am going and tell everyone how I feel about this sacred devotion?

September 3rd  2017   
First reading
Second reading
Holy Gospel and the Announcements

Father Kevin's Homily
Sept. 2 nd 2017 @ the 5:30 Vigil Mass


What a fantastic start!

You are probably thinking: “How much should we pledge?” No one can tell you what your obligaton is, for each family’s circumstances are unique. We do ask you to reflect on how much God has given to you and prayerfully respond with great love and generosity. Every parishioner has an opportunity to express their love of God and return to Him a measure of the blessings He has bestowed. We are not just building  a new building; we are going to transform your experience at Saint Rita. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to dramacally equip the mission of Saint Rita Parish and grow the Catholic faith in Santa Rosa Beach for generaFons to come. You all should have received your information package, explaining the three-year campaign, including a pledge card. When completed, please return it in the collecFon basket or mail to the parish office. Should you have any questions concerning this project, please reach out to me or Chris and Bob Powers (Campaign Co-Chairs).

All graces and blessings,

Fr. Kevin Johnson



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       Donating Made Easy

We at St. Rita Parish are doing everything we can to make a difference in our community. All donation received by St. Rita Catholic Church will  go to teaching the word of  our Lord 'Jesus Christ'.    

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Prayer Warrior Group/font>

WE ARE READY and waiting for any prayer needs of our Parishioners.
Please submit your requests directly to Lori Herring and in turn, she will forward to the Prayer Warrior group.
Are you Interested in becoming a Prayer Warrior?
All that is required as a Prayer Warrior is to pray a minute or two each day for requests.
Please sign-up or to learn about the program by calling Lori Herring at 928-830-7872



137 Moll Drive                       Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459                       (850) 267-2558